Moms and Cannabis – A Perfect Match

Cannabis stereotypes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The lazy stoner that does nothing but get baked, eat munchies, and watch TV is being replaced as public opinion about cannabis continues to change for the better.

Cannabis users cove all demographics, so it’s about time that these stereotypes and stigmas surrounding cannabis are becoming less common. Everyone from career professionals to athletes to moms are using cannabis and greatly benefiting from it.

The growth of moms using cannabis is especially noteworthy. While a stigma about parents using cannabis remains changing opinions, many mothers are ditching the wine and prescription pills for cannabis, taking advantage of the benefits it offers both the mind and body.

These mothers are some of the most important people helping to change misconceptions about cannabis users. Fewer people work harder day to day than moms, so using cannabis for pain relief, relaxation, reducing stress or helping to sleep is certainly warranted.

Of course, getting too high is always a possibility, which is the last thing any busy mom needs – or can even afford to do. Therefore, many moms are taking to cannabis micro dosing.

This involves taking a small amount of cannabis that gives the right balance of effects, helping to relax, reduce anxiety or stress, and generally improve their mood. It doesn’t get you too high that all those mom responsibilities become impossible to do.

Consuming such a small amount offers plenty of benefits and few drawbacks, which is why so many busy moms are taking to cannabis. Micro dosing, such as taking a small vape or a few drops of oil in coffee, can be done throughout the day without ever leaving you couch locked or too high to function.

Cannabis strains offer different effects, so there are various choices for cannabis moms depending on what they want. For many, a mid-range sativa offers an uplifting high that gives the right amount of energy and creativity to get them through the day.

Those looking to get a good night’s sleep are looking toward Indica strains. These are known for their effects on the body and producing a deeply relaxing sensation, which is certainly a recipe for a restful sleep.

If pain treatment is needed, which most moms require at some point, then a high CBD strain offers all the pain relief they could want without any opiates or other prescription drugs.

With legalization now in full effect, moms around the country are shedding the stoner stereotype to prove that cannabis consumption has so much to offer.

Stigmas remain and some are keeping their cannabis use quiet, which is completely understandable, especially when trying to educate their children on safe cannabis use. But with more prominent moms, such as actress Kristen Bell, positively speaking about their cannabis use in public, cannabis moms are becoming rightfully accepted.

For any moms out there looking to add cannabis into their wellness routine, there are many places to start. A small amount is always recommended, while being mindful of the THC potency is recommended.

Balanced strains, which feature a similar amount of THC and CBD, are a good place to start. CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, so should help to avoid you feeling overwhelmingly high.

Vaporizers offer a healthier way to inhale cannabis and can be used for oils and dried flowers. Tincture oils are also a great choice, with a few drops under the tongue giving a quick and easy way to consume cannabis.

Also, start with the smallest doses possible and slowly increase this as you feel more comfortable with the effects.