Smoking vs. Edibles

On October 2018, recreational cannabis became legal in Canada. However, cannabis edibles will be available for recreational use sometime this year. The availability of cannabis edibles will be a good alternative for patients who care about their health. This year cannabis enthusiasts in Canada are expecting a considerable variety of cannabis edibles to hit the market with various cannabis-infused edibles being manufactured for what is known, by most people, as the ‘second wave of legalization’ in Canada.

It is essential to know the differences between edibles and smoking weed. Both cannabis edibles and smoking cannabis will affect the user in different ways. Some people prefer edibles because of various health reasons. While the result of getting high is still achieved with edibles or pure marijuana, the means and the outcome is usually very different.

The Body Absorbs THC in Different Ways

THC is the cannabis compound responsible for the “high” you feel when smoking cannabis. When you inhale or vape cannabis, the THC emitted is absorbed through the bloodstream via the lungs. Whereas when you eat cannabis edible, the THC is metabolized by the liver. Then it is absorbed into the bloodstream in a safe way.

This efficiency leads to a very active high since the THC moves straight to your brain instead of moving via the stomach and liver. The high which results from eating cannabis edibles is much more intense and is better for your health than smoking cannabis, even if the same amounts of THC is used.


Edibles Become Effective after Longer Durations

You’ll realize that the effects of cannabis edibles take much longer to arrive compared to smoking cannabis. This is because it needs to be processed through the stomach and the liver before being metabolized before being absorbed into your bloodstream. The effects of eating cannabis edibles range from one user to another, but cannabis edibles usually take about 30 minutes to two hours before it hits you.

Smoking cannabis generates THC which is quickly absorbed into your blood after going into the lungs where it moves to the brain. Most users start experiencing a high effect after 5-10 minutes or less, thus smoking cannabis leads to a quicker high.

Sadly, many people have complained about having health conditions when they consume a lot of cannabis edibles. This is because edibles take a much longer duration to become effective. It’s advisable to consume little amounts of cannabis and wait for the effects to kick in.


The Time Range Varies

The duration of high is another way to distinguish between smoking cannabis and eating an edible. When you smoke or vape marijuana the effects hit you much faster than an edible, but only for a short period. Smoking cannabis makes you high after 15-20 minutes and wears away 30-60 minutes after smoking.

The high gotten from edibles is more durable than smoking. It’s difficult to estimate the duration because everyone is different. Some people saying that the high lasts 3-6 hours, while others last upwards of 12 hours. The quantity consumed also determines the duration, but every user should expect a long-lasting high with edibles.



Different Experiences

As previously stated, the high from an edible is much stronger and better for your health than smoking. Remember, smoking leads to a very intense body high while consuming edibles leads to a more psychedelic high.