Five Amazing Facts About Cannabis and Sex

Sexual performance and cannabis have been proven to be quite cohesive and as medical marijuana is now becoming legalized globally, it is necessary for the research regarding this symbiosis to reach men and women everywhere. Cannabis can both impact your sexual health and performance. Today research and investments into the study and creation of marijuana products is skyrocketing and some of these products focus solely on sex. So, if you are looking to boost your libido and create incredible sexual experiences, cannabis may be the answer for you. Below are some surprising facts about cannabis and sex and how they  impact each other.

The Mileage May Vary When You Have Sex While High on Cannabis

The first shocking fact about sex and cannabis is that after consuming cannabis, your longevity during sex varies significantly. However, due to the differences in chemistry among people, there will be various outcomes. Sex and cannabis combine to create enhanced orgasms, increased sex drives and a longer lasting capacity in bed.

Cannabis Promotes Better Orgasms

As mentioned earlier, cannabis can sometimes create different reactions amongst people, however, most people experience enhanced orgasms and more intense intercourse as a result of cannabis consumption prior to the act. Oil based cannabis lubricants are known to have incredible reviews as they are known to maximize the overall circulation of blood across the vaginal and penile region which promotes faster and harder erections and intense orgasms during sex.

Reduction in  Sexual Anxiety

Another amazing benefit of combining cannabis and sex is that it reduces sexual anxiety in people who often get nervous before the act. This is the good news for people who are sex shy and experiencing issues such as erectile dysfunction or women who have anxiety regarding the act itself. Confidence levels are increased and anxiety and sexual stress is alleviated so that you can truly enjoy each other.

Cannabis Prolongs Orgasm Both in Men and Women

Of course, typically the end game when having sexual intercourse is an orgasm. Cannabis users have reported that after using cannabis in any form, they have far better and more prolonged orgasms creating a whole new sexual experience and reigniting the fire and passion for sex. This occurs for both men and women enabling them to enjoy longer love making sessions in bed and lead a healthy sexual life.

Final Thoughts

These five common facts associated with cannabis consumption and sex provide you with some information to choose whether or not you would like to experiment with this combination. However, while effects may vary, we believe that in one form or another you will achieve a heightened sexual experience and a new love for sex.