Cannabis Self-Care for Women

Modern life is so hectic that many women overlook their self-care. Yet when taking the time to care for yourself, life becomes so much more manageable, although putting this into practice is always easier said than done. Unless you get help from one of the unlikeliest of sources – cannabis. Cannabis is wrongfully overlooked by […]

How can Cannabis Improve Yoga

Yoga and cannabis  The practice of yoga, collectively known as meditation, is an expressive form of art that has existed for centuries. Meditation synergizes the mind and body and is a prime technique to alleviate stress and tension from ones’ life. Enthusiasts and experts have spent countless years studying different techniques which can improve and […]

Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Life

CBD is one of more than 80 active cannabinoid chemicals in the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids are compounds that react with the endocannabinoid system found in the brain, with each one causing different effects on the mind and body when interacting with our cannabinoid receptors. Until recently, the best-known compound in cannabis was delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). […]

Canna Moms

As a new mother life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Combine the everyday stress and strain of caring for your family, the normal aches and pains everyone experiences, lack of sleep, and all too the often the stress of a job, it is little wonder that many young women, even those not suffering from postpartum depression, […]

Cannabis and Menopause

Most women dread the onset of menopause. It is not the growing older that bothers them, nor the end of their childbearing years so much as the symptoms that accompany those menopausal years. As women, we hear horror stories about those hormonal imbalances causing anxiety and depression, those hot flashes that come on at the […]

Cannabis Companies Are Moving Towards Women Friendly Products

Cannabis Companies Are Moving Towards Women Friendly Products Throughout history people and companies that pedaled their goods knew and understood the difference between men and women and quickly learned how to target their products for women as well as men. With the legalization of marijuana in 9 states, this is a lesson that many marijuana […]

Getting Your Vagina High with Cannabis Lube

There is a growing number of cannabis products for women hitting the market in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Sprays, edibles, oils, lotions, and one product that is growing in popularity is cannabis lube for women. Many women don’t enjoy sexual intimacy as much they would like too. There are a variety of reasons […]

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