10 Famous Marijuana Moms – By Brittany Driver

Marijuana has long been accepted as female, heck, she’s Mary Jane. And as Mother Earth is recognized for giving us this incredible plant whose female flowers are so coveted, so too are these mothers recognized for their love of the herb. Take a gander at our 15 Marijuana Mamas — past and present users who enjoy(ed) their […]

Parenting: The big reveal — Telling Mom and Dad you partake – By Brittany Driver

Opening up to the family is an important step for a cannabis consumer. Many people feel closeted by their choice to smoke or eat or vaporize weed. I know I’ve been there, and many of you have written to say you’re there now. I can’t say that it’s well-advised or necessary for everyone to shout from the […]

Cannabis Vs Alcohol

1. It Is Non-Toxic  Cannabis overdoses recorded in history…0. Not a single death has resulted due to the overuse of cannabis – because it is not possible. The amount of cannabis needed to trigger an overdose is an impossible amount for anyone to consider consuming. In fact, according to Business Insider, “a fatal dose of marijuana […]

Cannabis for Moms

In areas where the use of marijuana and its embodiments have been legalized and accepted socially, more moms are using marijuana and its various incarnations to tackle lots of things – from the daily motherhood stress, depression, and anxiety, to menstrual cramps. Giving room for the expansion and acceptance of the industry. More Cannabis products […]

Your First Cannabis Experience

The availability of legal cannabis in today’s world means that the number of strains available now and the number of smokers has skyrocketed. Not all marijuana is the same, however, as different strains produce vastly different effects. That’s just one of the reasons why purchasing pot — even from a legal dispensary — can be […]

Ways cannabis can help women

There is still widespread confusion about the legalization and usefulness of Cannabis, especially for women. However, scientists believe cannabis is a plant for women. The ‘female’ cannabis plant contains cannabinoid-rich trichomes which are very beneficial for human health as they help the human body perform various functions. As a result, a lot of women have […]

Sex and Cannabis

As early as 700AD, Indians were using cannabis in Tantric Sex practices.  Today, there are companies in the industry who are making products tailored to using cannabis sexually. Cannabis use now is liked to more coital frequency, report researched at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found. The study was published in October 2017 […]

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Here comes the bride…

Bec Koop wanted to bring the cannabis out of the shadows and make it a part of the celebration. 2014 turned out to be the year she did it. “I sometimes joke: With every single wedding that we’ve been to, there’s probably been at least one person out in the car in the parking lot […]

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