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Canna Moms

As a new mother life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Combine the everyday stress and strain of caring for your family, the normal aches and pains everyone experiences, lack of sleep, and all too the often the stress of a job, it is little wonder that many young women, even those not suffering from postpartum depression, […]

10 Famous Marijuana Moms – By Brittany Driver

Marijuana has long been accepted as female, heck, she’s Mary Jane. And as Mother Earth is recognized for giving us this incredible plant whose female flowers are so coveted, so too are these mothers recognized for their love of the herb. Take a gander at our 15 Marijuana Mamas — past and present users who enjoy(ed) their […]

Parenting: The big reveal — Telling Mom and Dad you partake – By Brittany Driver

Opening up to the family is an important step for a cannabis consumer. Many people feel closeted by their choice to smoke or eat or vaporize weed. I know I’ve been there, and many of you have written to say you’re there now. I can’t say that it’s well-advised or necessary for everyone to shout from the […]

Cannabis for Moms

In areas where the use of marijuana and its embodiments have been legalized and accepted socially, more moms are using marijuana and its various incarnations to tackle lots of things – from the daily motherhood stress, depression, and anxiety, to menstrual cramps. Giving room for the expansion and acceptance of the industry. More Cannabis products […]